Are you a romantic at heart, a mind full of ideas, or always lost when it comes to purchasing gifts for your loved ones- the ones closest to you?
Every occasion, whether near or far, presents as a gift giving opportunity—From Mother’s Day to valentine’s day, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, promotions, retirement, and all the important milestones in between. Where do we begin when choosing the perfect gift?
The million-dollar question is whether the perfect gift even exists? Have we finally solved the problem? Probably not. But we have gotten as close as we can! It’s difficult, you know? To find a gift that brings warmth and excitement to the hearts of those receiving it- a twinkle in the eye that wasn’t there before. A contentment that fills the heart with emotions, so strong that it wells up inside bringing the eyes to the brink of tears.
It took a long time, and we mean a LONG time to come up with our classic single rose. But let’s be real, the idea wasn’t as revolutionary as we had hoped. So, we took it one step further: Roses die, but what do we do so your gift lasts forever?

That’s when the idea hit us- let’s eliminate the rose’s oxygen supply, to create an eternally lasting rose just as beautiful as the day it was picked! Thus, the Eternal Rose was invented.

Although the idea had eventually come about, the presentation was still lacking. We found the gift, which needed its home to perfect its appearance. After a year of exploring different materials, we finally decided on our classic jet-black wooden box, velvet black with white interior, and two LED lights illuminating the rose as the enchanted gift when opened for a magical experience.

With this, it still wasn’t enough. We took it three steps further!
Step 1: Put the treasured gift in a velvet black box not only for protective purposes, but to leave you excited and yearning to find out what’s inside!
Step 2: Complete the experience with an Eternal Rose bag! Easier to carry, and more pleasant to gift. It’s a no brainer!
Step 3: Create an array of rose products that covers all the bases! Not just one!

Thus, in 2018, Eternal Rose launched with hopes of helping you gift your loved ones on special occasions. A present that lasts as long as one’s love- eternal.

You have the choice of luxurious open bud and closed bud roses presented as cuff-links, necklaces, label pins, to tie clips each delicately preserved, assembled, and coated in 24k gold accents. We believe jewelry is an expression and extension of oneself. That is why we offer a wide variety of options to accommodate everyone’s preferences.

But don’t worry- we are not done and will not stop here. Recommendations and suggestions are always welcome, as we continue to strive for your loved one’s perfect gift. Whether it be an occasion under the sun, or a romantic night in. Please contact us at *** for your everlasting eternal rose gift.